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    First impressions count, so it’s important that you use the teeth whitening tips from our website to display a big bright gleaming smile. Having a white smile can lead to more opportunities and in some professions, it’s absolutely necessary.

    TipsForTeethWhitening.net is a comprehensive resource center for anyone that wants to learn about the different methods for whitening their teeth. If you’ve tried and failed to get rid of yellow teeth before, then you’ll know that it can be a frustrating matter.

    However, all hope is not lost because you may simply just be using shoddy products or ineffective methods. We’re here to clear up all the nonsense and give you clear and concise teeth whitening tips.

    First of all, in order to figure out how to whiten your teeth, you need to understand the reasons of what makes your teeth yellow in the first place.

    What Are The Causes Of Yellow Teeth?

    There can be many causes of yellow teeth. Many of those causes are results of bad habits, but sometimes it can just be in your genes. Here are some of the most common:

    • Smoking - Aside from running the risk of cancer, heart attacks and breathing problems, smoking cigarettes is also one of the main causes of tooth discoloration. Chewing tobacco can be just as bad for your teeth as it can stain your teeth.
    • Diet - Be careful of what you eat and drink as too much can stain your teeth. The obvious being sugary sweets and drinks, coffee and tea. Even healthier options such as apples can have an effect on the color of your teeth.
    • Environmental Sources - Fluoride is a chemical commonly found in drinking water (usually tap water) and some foods. In low concentrations it’s harmless but excessive intake can lead to serious health problems. A more than acceptable dosage will have an effect on your teeth.
    • Toothpaste - Fluoride is also found in toothpaste and mouth wash products. If you use these products too often (e.g. brushing your teeth 3 or more times per day) then it’ll only increase the chances of discoloration to your teeth.


    If you want to find out more about the causes of yellow teeth and teeth discoloration, then check out our article on The 7 Most Common Yellow Teeth Causes.

    Useful Resources

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    Final Word

    If you want to combat the problems of having yellow teeth, then you should really start at the source of the problem if it’s a bad habit that’s causing or contributing to it.

    Having said that, there are so many teeth whitening tips and methods that are out there but some may pose long term risks to the health of your teeth. We aim to expose those risks and give you the best advice so that you can make a more informed decision.

    Please browse around our website and you’ll come across various articles on what the best teeth whitening tips are. All information provided is based on case studies, experiments and real life experiences from different people.